Thursday, 13 November 2014


The scientists who yesterday landed a probe on the back of a comet have their mission control room in Darmstadt, Germany.

Darmstadt in Germany is also where the Nazis were working in secret to bring the dead back to life in my 2011 novel Anno Frankenstein.

Coincidences can be weird like that.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

More Pax Britannia Reviews

Unnatural History - 5 stars!

Unnatural History is the first book in the steampunk-flavoured alternative history series Pax Britannia. Author Jonathan Green has crafted a vision of contemporary Britain where Queen Victoria still reigns over a British Empire that covers a quarter of the world.

The police are staffed largely with automata, airships crowd the skies, and London Zoo's Challenger Enclosure is stuffed full of dinosaurs. Against this backdrop, dandy adventurer Ulysses Quicksilver is engaged to investigate an apparently routine break-in at the Natural History Museum...

The pace is quick, and the action exciting. Quicksilver is not a bulletproof hero, and gets thoroughly smashed up on a number of occasions. His principal ability appears to be his sheer dogged tenacity to get the job done even when battered to a pulp... This is an effortlessly entertaining pulpy read, and seems to be pretty much perennially free on Amazon Kindle. Do take a look, chaps.

Anno Frankenstein - 4 stars!

My first foray into the steam punk universe of Pax Britannia, but pleasingly the novel does not require you to have read the previous books, it stands well on it's own... An easy book to get into and a hugely enjoyable read and I will now be seeking out the further books in this series. Packed with action and adventure this is like a novel version of a 2000AD comic and I don't mean that in a bad way.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pax Britannia at MCM London Comicon

I attended the MCM London Comicon at the weekend, with fellow Steampunk authors Kit Cox and Jema 'Miss Emilly Ladybird' Hewitt.

Raring to go!

It was the usual mix of giant Pac-Men, Manga and Anime characters (that are totally lost on me), zombie-hunting commandos, and PVC fetishism... Sorry! I mean dressing up as Harley Quinn from the Batman franchise.

That's a whole lot of villainy right there!

I was there selling my Pax Britannia novels, but there was also some interest in YOU ARE THE HERO from some of the older attendees, shall we say. It's also always nice to bump into old friends as well, such as Spindles and his crew, and film-maker Martin Gooch.

Spindles, Miss Spindles, film-maker Martin Gooch, and Mrs Spindles.

I also met a young man who's already had his first book published! Well done, Richie!

You can see a few of my photos from the weekend here, but you'll find more of them here.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

More Pax Britannia reviews

Some more, rather pleasing, reviews of my various Pax Britannia books have appeared online recently, which are all the more pleasing when you consider that the first book in the series was published seven years ago! Here are just a few of them:

Unnatural History
"Jonathan Green is most surely one of the futuristic-steampunk heroes the literary world has. His writing is fantastic fantasy that has you gripping the edges of the book to prevent yourself from being sucked in. Quicksilver is the sort of hero OTHER heroes look up to. He's dashing, suave and can give and take a good kicking like the best of them. This entire series is fabulous. Buy them. BUY THEM ALL."

Leviathan Rising
"I bought this book as something to read that night in the hotel. I could not put it down. I stayed awake in delight reading into the early hours to discover if my guess about the villain was correct - no I did not 'get it' immediately, but it dawned on me as I read onward. The whole reminded me of the adventure movies I used to watch in the late 1950's on a Saturday morning when I was a child. I loved it. Well done, Mr Green. I shall now look for the next book with interest."

Blood Royal
"So many characters, plots and more that speed you towards an extraordinary action-packed finale. If you like a smidgen of Steampunk in your library make it this series!"

Of course, you could pick up the next Pax Britannia book for your collection at the forthcoming Steampunks in Space event at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Maybe I'll see you there...

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Steampunks in Space!

On Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th November 2014, I shall be one of the guests at Steampunks in Space at the National Space Centre in Leicester. So if you're in the area, why not come along and say "Hi!" and pick up one of my Pax Britannia novels while you're there? After all, Dark Side is set in space as well as on the Moon!

You can find out more about this splendid event here.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Leviathan Rising auf Deutsch

Luzifer-Verlag, the German publishers who published a German edition of Unnatural History last year, will soon be releasing a German language edition of my second Pax Britannia novel Leviathan Rising. And here's the new cover by Timo Kümmel...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

"Car chases and dirigibles and what not." - Unnatural History, a new review

It might be more than seven years since my first Ulysses Quicksilver novel was published, but there are still readers discovering it for the first time. One such is Black Library fan Abhinav Jain.

"Unnatural History is an extremely fun and fast-paced action-adventure... We have Charles Babbage’s difference engines. The Challenger Enclosure at the London Zoo (reference to the Lost World!), and more such things. There is an Overground instead of the Underground in London. You’ve got car chases and dirigibles and what not. There’s a lot to take in here and Jonathan also takes the time to point out the more era-related stuff as well, especially with regards to the whole... Britishness of the whole thing, I suppose. That’s what really completes the novel I think."

You can read his full review here, but what I've taken away from the review are two things in particular. The first is that he scored the book 8.5/10*! The other was this:

"Unnatural History itself proved to be a far better novel than I had expected, considering my ambivalence towards Jonathan’s Warhammer work for Black Library, and that’s a good thing because he did manage to surprise me and made me a fan in the end."

So, someone who wasn't particularly a fan of mine, converted to the joys of JG books by the steam-powered world of Pax Britannia. Happy. With. That.

You can pick up Pax Britannia: Unnatural History for your eReader (for free) here, or you can buy it in the tried and tested processed tree carcass format as part of The Ulysses Quicksilver Omnibus: Volume 1.

* And if he liked Unnatural History he's going to love the books that come after.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Nine Worlds Geekfest 2014

I shall be attending the Nine Worlds Geekfest 2014 (at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Heathrow) on Sunday 10 August, as part of the Steampunk stream, taking part in a panel at 11.45am (in Room 12) called 'Female characters in Steampunk: strong women in Steampunk get an audience'.

My Pax Britannia novels will be on sale at the 'All of the Books' stand in the trading room all weekend, but on Sunday you'll be able to get them signed.

Maybe I'll see you there...

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Geekfest, Loncon3, and Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014

I shall be attending various different events over the next month or so.

On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 August, I shall be appearing as part of the Steampunk strand at the Nine Worlds Geekfest in London.

On Friday 15 August, I shall be appearing on a couple of panels at Loncon3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, which is also being held in London (funnily enough).

And then on Sunday 7 September I shall be appearing at, signing books at, launching YOU ARE THE HERO - A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, and generally running Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014, the world's first dedicated Fighting Fantasy convention. You can buy your tickets for the event here.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Lucy Saxon Competition - We have a winner!

Recently I ran a competition offering readers of this blog the chance to win a copy of Lucy Saxon's debut, Steampunk-inspired novel, Take Back the Skiesasking from where did the author take her pen name?

Well the answer is, the name of the Master's wife in the 2007 series of Doctor Who.

Everyone who entered the competition answered the question correctly, but the lucky individual who had their name pulled out of the proverbial hat is...

Amy Cotterill

Congratulations, Amy! Your copy of Take Back the Skies will be winging its way to you from Bloomsbury Books very soon.

To the rest of you who entered, better luck next time, eh?

Friday, 18 July 2014

A new review of The Ulysses Quicksilver Omnibus

This recently surfaced on

By chance I met Mr Green at the Frome Steampunk Event on May 31st. My friends had taken me there to amuse me - it did amuse me! 

I bought this book as something to read that night in the hotel. I could not put it down. I stayed awake in delight reading into the early hours to discover if my guess about the villain was correct - no I did not 'get it' immediately, but it dawned on me as I read onward. The whole reminded me of the adventure movies I used to watch in the late 1950's on a Saturday morning when I was a child. I loved it. 

Well done, Mr Green. I shall now look for the next book with interest. 5 stars!

If you're yet to pick up a copy of The Ulysses Quicksilver Omnibus, Volume 1, follow this link.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Take Back the Skies, by Lucy Saxon

Take Back the Skies is the impressive YA debut of 19 year-old novelist Lucy Saxon*.

It tells the story of Catherine Hunter, born into privilege, who to escape her regimented existence as the daughter of a government official in the land of Anglya, cuts her hair, disguises herself as a boy and becomes Cat, escaping her former life by stowing away on board the tyrium-powered skyship Stormdancer. She soon learns that what she has been told about the world beyond the borders of Angyla is a lie, and that she is the one who possesses the knowledge that could bring a crumbling and corrupt empire to its knees, if only she has the courage to initiate such dramatic change.

So far, so familiar, but the plot that develops - whilst being overwhelmed at times by the will-they-won't-they relationship of then two young leads** and lacking tension at others - is something unexpected, rich in world-building detail, politically complex, and full of twists and turns that will keep the reader gripped right up until the story's dark denouement.

The book's Steampunk influences are clear but, despite all the different interpretations of Steampunk that already exist in literature, they are given a new spin here by Saxon. And to have such a book as your first published piece of work is impressive indeed.

Thanks to those kind people at Bloomsbury Books, I have one copy of Take Back the Skies to give away. To be in with a chance of winning it, simply answer this simple question.

From where did Lucy Saxon take her pen name?

Simply email me at with your answer, your name and your address and you answer be put into the proverbial hat with all the other hopefuls. The draw will take place two weeks today, on Sunday 20 July 2014 at midday (BST).

Good luck!

Lucy Saxon signing at the London MCM Expo, May 2014.

* Many reviews make much of the fact that Lucy is 19, and was only 16 when she wrote the first draft of Take Back the Skies. I can only put this down to sour grapes. (My own first book, Spellbreaker, was published when I was 21.)

** But then this is a YA novel.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Atomic Bark!

A year and a half ago (on the 12th day, of the 12th month, of the 12th year of the 21st century) I appeared on the Atomic Bark radio show along with legendary graphic novel creator Bryan Talbot. Well the show has finally been uploaded to YouTube and you can listen to it here. (I appear at about the 12:40 mark.)

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Five reasons why you need to be at Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014

If you've not already purchased your ticket for FIGHTING FANTASY FEST 2014 - the world's first convention dedicated to Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - here's why you should.

1) You will not only get to listen to the Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, the co-creators of Fighting Fantasy, give a talk about the history of their gaming and publishing phenomenon, you'll also be able to get your FF treasures signed by them, and even hang out in the Black Lobster Tavern with them!

2) The Adventurer's Backpack goodie bag that is included in the price of every ticket is chock full of awesome merchandise, with many of the items being exclusive to the event, such as the limited edition Zagor miniature and the collectible convention programme - not to mention the bag itself!

3) There are a host of special guests coming to FIGHTING FANTASY FEST, including legendary fantasy artists Chris Achilleos, Russ Nicholson, Malcolm Barter and Tony Hough. Tin Man Games and Inkle Studios will also be there to talk about their latest FF and Sorcery! app releases, and Tin Man are even generously giving away a download code to all attendees. And on top of that Arion Games will be running demo games of Advanced Fighting Fantasy!

4) One of the highlights of the day will be an auction of rare - and highly collectible - items of FF memorabilia from the Warlocks' own hoard, including a pair of swords made to promote the Deathtrap Dungeon video game and now hard-to-find classic Fighting Fantasy computer games.

5) Quite simply, Fighting Fantasy Fest is going to be a unique experience. There has never been an FF event like it before, and YOU ARE THE HERO - A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks is going to launch on the day. Just think, when FF is celebrating it's 50th anniversary in 2032, you'll be able to look back and say, "I was there!"

So click this convenient link and buy your ticket today. And don't delay! The first 100 ticket buyers will receive a copy of the extremely hard to get hold of 25th hardback edition of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

And if you have bought your ticket, tell all your friends about FFF 2014, via email, your blog, Twitter (#FFF2014), Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, or whatever your social media networking tool of choice is.

And hopefully we'll see you on Sunday 7 September...

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Fighting Fantasy 2014 - Official Press Release

For immediate release!

Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014
The first dedicated Fighting Fantasy convention, with Special Guests of Honour Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, featuring the official launch of YOU ARE THE HERO – A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks by Jonathan Green.

Sunday 7 September 2014 will see the first dedicated Fighting Fantasy convention take place at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Ealing, West London. Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, co-creators of the publishing and gaming phenomenon that is Fighting Fantasy, will be Special Guests of Honour at the event, where they will be joined by legendary fantasy artists Russ NicholsonChris Achilleos and Tony Hough. A highlight of the day will be Steve and Ian’s own talk on the History of Fighting Fantasy.

Fighting Fantasy Fest will see the official launch of Jonathan Green’s YOU ARE THE HERO – A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, along with an exhibition of rare FF memorabilia – including original artwork and other more obscure artefacts connected to the series – as well as trade stands, and an auction of Fighting Fantasy treasures. Arion Games will be running Advanced Fighting Fantasy role-playing game sessions during the day, while Tin Man Games and Inkle Studios will also be in attendance, talking about their digital versions of such classic gamebooks as Ian Livingstone’s The Forest of Doom and Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! epic.

Tickets for the event cost £50 each, and every attendee will receive an event-exclusive Adventurer’s Backpack containing various Fighting Fantasy Fest and YOU ARE THE HERO goodies.

“The success of the YOU ARE THE HERO Kickstarter project demonstrated that there is still an active community of Fighting Fantasy fans out in the world who would relish the chance to not only meet their heroes, but to get together and share their stories of battling the horrors of Deathtrap Dungeon or braving the perils of Kharé – Cityport of Traps,” says Jonathan Green, author of the History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, “ideally whilst quaffing a flagon of ale in Port Blacksand’s infamous Black Lobster Tavern.” (The event will even feature a themed bar!)

Ian Livingstone, co-creator of Fighting Fantasy said, “It’s crazy really that it’s taken 32 years for a dedicated Fighting Fantasy event to take place!  But that’s going to make it all the more special. It will be brilliant to see old friends, artists, authors and fans again after all this time. I’m going to bring along some special Fighting Fantasy items that have never been seen in public before. It certainly will be a Return to Firetop Mountain! I can’t wait.”

Steve Jackson, who is famed for his Sorcery! series, said, “Amazing to think it’s almost 40 years since the first Games Day was held, at Seymour Hall and Baths in Central London. There was a great buzz at that event. Visitors – and organisers – felt they were attending a special occasion. I’m sure it will be the same kind of buzz at Fighting Fantasy Fest. FF celebrities will be there, dealers and memorabilia, game demos and a special auction of items from the Jackson and Livingstone personal archives. This will be an event not to be missed by FF readers. I’m really looking forward to it.”

For more information, or to arrange interviews with the organisers of Fighting Fantasy Fest, please email Jonathan Green at

@fightingfantasy @stevejacksonuk @ian_livingstone @jonathangreen @You_Are_TheHero #FightingFantasyFest2014

Sunday 7 September 2014  The DoubleTree Hilton, Ealing, London, UK
Artists • Panels • Book Signings • Games • Exhibition • Special Guests • Auction

Friday, 30 May 2014

Frome Steampunk Extravaganza II

Just a quick reminder that I shall be attending the Frome Steampunk Extravaganza this weekend, along with Archimedes the Steampunk Robot Parrot* and my various Pax Britannia books - not to mention my now legendary Steampunk Tombola and Book Lucky Dip!

You'll find me in the Cheese & Grain on both Saturday and Sunday, and I'll be giving a talk about my work, along with a reading from one of my books, on Sunday at 12.00pm.

If you're coming along for the weekend, do stop by and say "Hello!" I shall look forward to seeing you there.

* The original and still the best!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lucy Saxon - Take Back the Skies

Lucy Saxon is one to watch in the world of Steampunk fiction. At only 19 she has had her first novel Take Back the Skies published by Bloomsbury and is the featured author in this month's SFX Magazine.

Lucy Saxon signing at the Bloomsbury stand at the MCM Comic Expo in London.

Lucy wrote the first draft of the novel at age 16 and Steampunk was a massive influence on the work. Take Back the Skies features grand skyships, mechanical servant 'mechas' and other wondrous inventions.

Catherine Hunter is the daughter of a senior government official on the island of Anglya. She’s one of the privileged – she has luxurious clothes, plenty to eat, and is protected from the Collections which have ravaged families throughout the land. But Catherine longs to escape the confines of her life, before her dad can marry her off to a government brat and trap her forever. 

So Catherine becomes Cat, pretends to be a kid escaping the Collections, and stows away on the skyship Stormdancer. As they leave Anglya behind and brave the storms that fill the skies around the islands of Tellus, Cat’s world becomes more turbulent than she could ever have imagined, and dangerous secrets unravel her old life once and for all...

You can pick up a copy of the limited edition hardback here.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Win Tickets to the Frome Steampunk Extravaganza!

Fancy coming along to the Frome Steampunk Extravaganza on from Friday 30th - Sunday 1st June but you haven't purchased your tickets yet?

Then you've still got until 11:59pm BST to enter this competition to win a pair.

And who knows, if you win maybe I'll see you there...

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Alice Aid

Last Saturday I attended Alice Aid, the fundraiser event held at The Pipeline in East London to raise money to turn Robert Rankin's novella Alice on Mars into a movie, directed by Martin Gooch.

Other guests included Kit Cox (who did a stand-up comedy set), Andrew O'Neill (who was MC for the evening), a couple of Elvis impersonators, Lady Raygun on the steel drums*, various other actors and musicians and even Mr Robert Rankin himself.

Archimedes the Steampunk Parrot was in attendance too and really got into the groove, as you can see here.

You can see some photos of the event here.

If you would like to help make Alice on Mars - The Movie a reality, you can pledge your support for the project here.

* I've never heard 'I Gotta Feeling' played on the steel drums before, or 'Birdhouse in your Soul', but they sounded great!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Pax Britannia at the Sci-Fi Weekender 5

I can't quite believe that the Sci-Fi Weekender is already over for another year. I had been looking forward to the event for a long time and then it was all over for me in somewhere around 48 hours. But what an intense 48 hours it was!

This time the Sci-Fi Weekender was a family affair, with the rest of Family Green accompanying me to furthest ends of the Earth to geek out for a solid two days with like-minded individuals. It began with an epic six-hour drive to the Hafan y Môr Holiday Park just outside Pwllheli on the Llyn Peninsula.

The Ends of the Earth.

Having arrived late Thursday night I had to be up early Friday morning to get set up for the onslaught of fans who would stop by my stand during the course of the weekend. And from there on in it was a blur of meeting people, selling and signing books, moderating panels (one of which was crashed by an Alien Xenomorph), partaking in interviews, eating pizza, and ending each evening relaxing at the bar with friends both old and new.

Highlights of the weekend included meeting Royd Tolkien, having people accuse me of being a very bad man for making them stay up until 4 in the morning reading The Ulysses Quicksilver Omnibus, having other people tell me how much they loved my stories (Thanks, Amy!), seeing a life-sized Night Lords Chaos Space Marine win the Cosplay competition (Aaron Dembski-Bowden would have been proud), and taking part in the panel show Just A Minute with my fellow authors Gareth L Powell (a worthy winner), Steve Lockley and David Tallerman.

J R R Tolkien's grandson meets Albert Green's grandson at the Sci-Fi Weekender 5.

David Tallerman and I having to concentrate far too hard during Just A Minute.

It was during Robert Rankin's introduction to Just A Minute that the author of far-fetched fiction christened me his "Evil Steampunk Nemesis" which is a badge I shall wear with pride, and a role I played up to during the show, even being booed by the audience at one point (much to my children's distress), proving that Panto is alive and well and living in an off-season holiday camp in North Wales!

To sum up, here's a slideshow of just some of things that happened over the course of the Weekender, and here's to the Sci-Fi Weekender 6 in 2015!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Alice on Mars - The Movie!

At the Sci-Fi Weekender 5, last weekend, film-maker Martin Gooch and author of far-fetched fiction Robert Rankin launched the Alice on Mars movie!

For the launch, Martin had prepared a teaser trailer, which you can watch by following this link. He also launched an Indigogo project to help get the film funded. If you would like to contribute (or even be in the film!) then click this link and check it out.

Film-maker Martin Gooch and Steampunk Parrot Wrangler Jonathan Green
at the Sci-Fi Weekender 5.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pax Britannia at the Sci-Fi Weekender 5

I will be driving up to North Wales today to take part in the Sci-Fi Weekender 5 and I have some new badges to sell...

As well as selling my books and badges, I shall be taking part in the following panels:

Friday 28 March 2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm - Far Fetched fiction... From Steampunk to Dystopia. Why are satirical fantasies so appealing? David J Howe, Raven Dane, Jonathan Green, Danie Ware.

3:00pm - 4:00pm - Writing into known universes. Jonathan Green, Gareth Powell, Raven Dane, Sam Stone, Debbie Bennett, Dez Skinn.

Saturday 29 March 2014

5:00pm - 6:00pm - What makes Science Fiction Sci-Fi? An exploration of Science Fiction writing from Space Opera to Dystopian futures. Gareth Powell, Sam Stone, Jonathan Green, Bryony Pearce, Sara Jane Townsend, Simon Clark.

I shall look forward to seeing some of you there, as will Archimedes, the original Steampunk Parrot.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Airship Friday: The Longest Aircraft in the World

Here's a question for all you fans of Pax Britannia and Steampunk in general. Where would we be without our airships? Airships feature predominantly throughout Steampunk literature and in the case of my own Ulysses Quicksilver novels, they have a vital part to play in Unnatural History, Blood Royal and Anno Frankenstein. And now it looks like they're on their way back in the real world too! Click this link to find out more.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Win the chance to meet Jonathan Green at the Sci-Fi Weekender (sort of)

In just under five weeks time, I shall be appearing at the Sci-Fi Weekender 5 in North Wales. Archimedes the Steampunk Parrot will also be in attendance, as will other authors such as Gareth L. Powell, Sam Stone and Robert Rankin.

I shall be hosting various panels over the course of the weekend as well as selling my books, not to mention catching up with old friends (and probably making a few news ones, if previous years are anything to go by). I'll even have my young Pax Britannia companions in tow this time.

If you are thinking of attending, but haven't got tickets yet, might I direct you towards Nerd Vs World and the competition they are currently running?

Who knows, if you win I might see you there. ;-)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Time's Arrow reviewed by the Crinoline Robot

Here's a link to a new review of Time's Arrow, by the Crinoline Robot. And here's the opening paragraph, just to give you a taster:

"You could be forgiven for thinking Jonathan Green is one of my favourite writers as I've reviewed more books by him than by any other author on this blog. I've reviewed three of Green's other 'Pax Britannia' novels with their dashing dandy hero Ulysses Quicksilver: Blood Royal,Dark Side and Anno Frankenstein. I said in my review of the latter that it showed a lightness of touch not evident in the earlier novels. Time's Arrow shows a similar playfulness, while returning to the more Victorian setting of the ones beforeAnno Frankenstein. I really do think it's the strongest book in the series so far. I don't think Green is one of my favourite writers yet, but if he carries on writing like this he'll definitely be on my must-read list."

The Crinoline Robot's reviews of my other books aren't quite so flattering (other than the one about Anno Frankenstein) but at least it would appear that I'm improving with every book, which can only be a good thing.

To pick up your own copy of Time's Arrow, click this link.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Deutschland liebt Pax Britannia

What can I say? German readers have taken to Pax Britannia: Unnatural History like Steampunks to corsets and top hats. Here are just some of the latest, rave reviews from

"Gelungener Auftakt." (4 stars)

"Eine interessante Mischung." (5 stars)

"Ein rasantes Lesevergnügen." (4 stars)

"Spannend!" (5 stars)

To pick up your copy of the German translation, click here. To pick up a copy of the original English edition for FREE, click here.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Punking the Steam in North Wales

So the news is out... I shall be attending Sci-Fi Weekender 5 that is taking place in North Wales at the end of March. Archimedes the Steampunk Parrot will also be in attendance, as will other authors such as Gareth L. Powell, Sam Stone and Robert Rankin.

I shall be hosting various panels over the course of the weekend as well as selling my writerly wares, not to mention catching up with old friends (and probably making a few news ones, if previous years are anything to go by).

So, maybe I'll see you there...

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Steampunk Thursday: Steampunk Free Day

It's been a week since we saw in the New Year and two weeks since Christmas, so it's quite possible you might be suffering from the January blues right about now (especially considering the miserable weather we've been having here in the UK).

So what better way might there be to cheer yourself up than to download a free eBook or two onto your brand new Kindle Fire*?

Interested? Of course you are.

Rebellion Publishing are giving away two of my titles to help alleviate those post-Christmas blues, my Second World War Zombie thriller Götterdämmerung and the first Pax Britannia novel Unnatural History, which was first published in processed tree carcass form back in 2007**!

So don't delay - download them today! (And if you enjoy them, why not send me a brief review?)

* Other eReaders are available.

** That's almost seven years ago!