Friday, 3 June 2011

Al Ewing's Gods of Manhattan

Al Ewing's second Pax Britannia novel Gods of Manhattan has quite rightly garnered all sorts of praise from all over the place. But one of the most well composed reviews I've read of it is this one over on the Pornokitsch website:

Ewing has written, in just shy of 250 pages, one of the best superhero pastiches I've ever read. From his dry take on the old pulp heroes stories to his disturbingly sinister version of Marvel's flagship hero, this is not something I ever expected to find outside of an Alan Moore graphic novel. He's used prose to describe comics (already something tricky), done so with a great deal of rewarding satire, and, most importantly, written a bloody enjoyable book. Gods of Manhattan is a terrific, inescapable book - in which absolutely anything can happen and, quite often, does.

To read the rest of this review click here.

Jared the reviewer finishes up with this eminently quotable quote about the Pax Britannia series itself, which I'll be looking to use elsewhere from here on:

... both authors have an infectious sense of humor and a commitment to raw, unfettered joy that make Pax Britannia one of the best ongoing series today. This is a lunatic world where the imagination runs wild - where steam-powered squid co-exist with face-changing super-villains - and the reader can delight in it all.

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