Friday, 25 April 2008

Rise of the Daleks

Tomorrow, Saturday 26 April, I shall be appearing alongside a Dalek as part of Borders Books' Dalek Day, taking place at Grays Library, close to the Thurrock Lakeside shopping centre.

I'll be there signing copies of my Doctor Who Decide Your Destiny adventure The Horror of Howling Hill and visitors will also be able to have their photograph taken with a genuine Dalek from the TV series.

The organisers of the event have designed a 'Draw your own Monster' competition sheet to tie in with my book, and there will also be opportunities to win prizes throughout the day.

So, if you're in the area, why not come along?

Maybe see you there.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Who needs a Rolex anyway?

My watch has broken. Or rather, the battery is dead.

There was a time when I would feel under-dressed if I didn't have my watch on, but to be honest, these days, I don't really miss it.

I'm so used to looking at my phone to tell the time (like, how did that ever happen?) or the computer screen in front of me that I haven't really used my watch since giving up full-time work nine months ago. Besides, even when it was working I took it off to type as otherwise it kept catching on the edge of my computer keyboard.

But, if I were to ever replace my watch I think I would want something like this amazing piece of kit.

P.S. I do not, and doubt I ever will, own a Rolex.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Pax Britannia competition

When you read of Ulysses Quicksilver’s latest escapades, do you see yourself there alongside him, partaking in a bit of derring-do? When you read of the empire of Magna Britannia or its capital, Londinium Maximum, do you imagine yourself there, immersed within this retro-Victorian steampunk world? If so, then how would you feel about actually appearing in the next Pax Britannia adventure?

Well, here’s your chance. All you have to do is enter our Pax Britannia competition and, come this December, you could see your name in print, as one of the characters in the next Ulysses Quicksilver adventure Human Nature.

To enter, you simply need to find an interesting way to help promote the current Pax Britannia novel Leviathan Rising, published by Abaddon Books. It could be a review for a magazine or a website, it might be in the form of a photograph, something you manage to arrange at a local bookshop, or it could involve you making a model or even dressing up as a character from the book (if that’s your sort of thing).

Obviously, we can’t condone anything illegal or immoral but, as long as you stay within the bounds of the law (and common decency), pretty much anything goes. You can also enter this competition more than once; after all, we’re going for blanket coverage here!

The important thing is that whatever you do, you have to have evidence, and evidence that can be emailed. This might be in the form of a link, a digital photograph, a video clip, etc.

There are no age restrictions for this competition, but bear in mind that the final novel would probably receive at least a 15 rating at the cinema!

You need to send your competition entries, via the ether, to by Saturday 31 May 2008.

By submitting an entry – be it a video clip, a photograph or a text review, etc. – you thereby give permission for to it being used as we see fit on any blogs or publicity material, for free, and waive copyright to it. The copyright will then belong to Rebellion A/S.

The winner will have their name used as that of a minor character in Human Nature and will receive a signed copy of the book on publication.

There may also be some runner-up prizes in the form of signed books and a general lauding of their work on this blog.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your thinking caps on and come up with something original. We await your entries with eager anticipation.

Good luck!

Important note: Abaddon Books, the Pax Britannia setting, all text and artwork from the novels are © & ™ Rebellion A/S and reproduced here with kind permission.

We also reserve the right to change the rules of the competition should is become necessary and as we see fit.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Those of you who have visited my other blog Unnatural History will know that I have written a Doctor Who tie-in book called The Horror of Howling Hill. So imagine my delight when I found this on YouTube.

A steampunk dalek. How cool is that? I want one!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam

Fancy yourself as something of a steampunk adventurer-cum-action hero in the same vein as the dashing Ulysses Quicksilver? You do? Well, then you should check out this little treat at

If only...

Feast your eyes on these retro-futuristic delights!

What you see here before your very eyes are two fantastic steampunk computer creations. The first is a steampunk monitor and keyboard, created by the inspired Hieronymus Isambard "Jake" Von Slatt.

The second is a steampunk laptop, the brainchild of Richard R. Nagy, a.k.a. the Datamancer.

I only discovered these Victorian-styled delights today, but now you know exactly how I will be imagining the Babbage engines of Magna Britannia from now on.

What wouldn't I give to be able to write the next Pax Britannia novel on one of these!

Well, guys... Jake... Richard... If you're listening, fire up the old cogitator circuits and drop me an electronic missive post-haste.

Leviathan Rising review

Graeme Flory has reviewed Leviathan Rising over at his blog entitled Graeme's Fantasy Book Review. You can read it by clicking this link.

Graeme has also written a review of Unnatural History, which you can read here.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Welcome to the world of Pax Britannia

You have just found your way to the brand new blog dedicated to the Pax Britannia series of adventure novels published by Abaddon Books.

My name is Jonathan Green. I am the creator of the Pax Britannia world and currently sole author on the series.

To date, three books have been published - Unnatural History (by Jonathan Green), El Sombra (by Al Ewing) and Leviathan Rising (by Jonathan Green) - with more to come, specifically Human Nature, which will be published in December 2008.

Through this blog I will be letting you know more about forthcoming books as well as giving you an insight into how I came to create the steampunk world of Pax Britannia and the hero of my books Ulysses Quicksilver. I would hope that it will also become a place where fans of the books can come to discuss the series.

For the time being, here's a taster of what the series is all about.

In the closing years of the 20th century the British Empire's rule is still going strong. Queen Victoria is about to celebrate her 160th jubilee, kept alive by advanced steam technology. London is a fantastical sprawling metropolis where dirigibles roam the skies, robot bobbies enforce the law and dinosaurs are on display in London Zoo. Welcome to Magna Britannia, a steam driven world full of fantastical creations and shady villains. Here dashing dandies and mustachioed villains battle for supremacy while below the city strange things stir in the flooded tunnels of the old London Underground.

I will be posting again soon but you should especially look out for some exciting news regarding how you can make an appearance in the next Pax Britannia novel.

Until then...