Saturday, 17 October 2009

Viva la Steampunk!

Pax Britannia fan ediFanoB commented on something I posted the other day and sent a link to Only The Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy. There ediFanoB had posted a comprehensive piece about the Pax Britannia series to date, even listing my PB novellas (which many reviews/blogs fail to do).

You can read the very kind things ediFanoB has to say about my steampunk series here. And ediFano's devotion has earned him(?) a prize. A signed copy of one of my Pax Britannia novels will be winging his way in due course (and it could quite possibly be the brand new - in fact so new it's not been written yet - Dark Side).

If you are also a fan of Ulysses Quicksilver's adventures and the Pax Britannia books then let me know by posting a comment on this blog and you too could find a PB exclusive dropping through your letterbox!

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ediFanoB said...


thank you very much for your post about my post :-)

And to solve the riddle: ediFanoB (when you read it backwards you get Bona Fide) is a man.

I read your post thrice. I really, really get a signed copy? That is very, very kind. To be honest I didn't write the post in order to earn a prize. I just like the series.
I own all PAX BRITANNIA books. BLOOD ROAYL is booked. And even it is not written I'm keen to read DARK SIDE.

I hope a lot more people will find their way to PAX BRITANNIA.

Viva La Steampunk!