Sunday, 18 October 2009


Grandville is the latest steampunk-inspired magnum opus from writer/artist Bryan Talbot and is described as being like Sherlock Holmes directed by Quentin Tarantino starring anthropomorphic animals in an alternate Napoleonic Europe.

The book stars Detective Inspector LeBrock, a badger with a keen eye for detail who’s handy with both guns and fists. This Scotland Yard inspector lives in a Britain that’s become a footnote, connected to France by railway, where Paris is the center of the steampunk European world. A murder puts LeBrock and his assistant on the trail of a giant conspiracy that could affect the entire Napoleonic Empire.

Part Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and part Rupert the Bear, inspired by the anthropomorphic illustrations of nineteenth century French illustrator J.J. Grandville and the retro-futuristic inventions and architecture of fellow Frenchman Albert Robida, you can pick up your copy of Grandville here.


ediFanoB said...

I don't read graphic novels often. But I added Grandville to my list.

Jonathan Green said...

It's a great read with some gorgeous artwork.