Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Return of Ulysses Quicksilver?

Now don't get too over-excited. This is just a possibility at the moment, but talks have been taking place about possibly publishing a brand new Ulysses Quicksilver Pax Britannia novel. However, if such a thing is going to happen it's going to be down to the support of the fans. That's right, we're talking about running a Pax Britannia Kickstarter.

If you would be interested in backing such a project, you can show your support by commenting on this post on Facebook, or by replying to this blog post.

If you need reminding how cool the world of Pax Britannia and Ulysses Quicksilver really is* fan of the series Rockula Bacchus has posted this tribute on YouTube.

* Not that I'm biased or anything. ;-)

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