Friday, 14 June 2013

International Steampunk Day 2013!

14 June is International Steampunk Day (and not H G Wells' birthday, as previously reported).

And it just so happens that tomorrow is the start of Steampunk Doncaster*. In the lead up to the UK's newest Steampunk event, I wrote a guest post for Craig Hallam's blog**.

If you are going to Steampunk Doncaster, maybe I'll see you there...

* Anybody'd think they'd planned it that way.

** Craig Hallam is the organiser of the Litarium element of Steampunk Doncaster.


Michael Hodgson said...

According to Wikipedia, the birthday of H. G. Wells was 1866.09.21.

Jonathan Green said...

That'll teach me not to check my sources. ;-) Thanks!