Thursday, 4 October 2012

Have your name immortalised in print!

On Sunday my sister-in-law, Katie Riseley, is undertaking her first Ultra Marathon, running 50km to raise money for Scope and the Royal Parks Foundation. As of this morning, she is £120 shy of her target of £750.

On average, 130 of you visit my blog every day (although yesterday that number was nearer 300). I have 695 followers on Twitter and 866 friends on Facebook. That means that if every one of you sponsored Katie £1 she would easily reach her target and in all likelihood exceed it.

Now I know there's no such thing as a free lunch, so anyone who sponsors Katie here, via her Virgin Money Giving page, citing the phrase 'Jon Green sent me' will have their name put into a hat. (An actual hat, mind; not a metaphorical one.)

After the marathon on Sunday I will ask Katie to draw a name from said hat, and that person will then be immortalised in one of my stories. I can't promise which story that will be at the moment, nor the role you will play, but it will happen. (After all, it's happened before. Twice. If not three times, in fact.)

So go here and pledge your support. And I'll see you again after the weekend. Good luck!

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