Thursday, 8 September 2011

398 visitors this week!

So, I've just discovered that this blog has had 398 visitors in the last week. That's up on the usual amount of traffic to the site and I was just wondering why...

Is it because I've been posting more regularly again? Is it because I've been posting about Weekend at the Asylum? Is it because of the forthcoming eBook release of Pax Britannia: Time's Arrow?

If you've visited in the last week, or ever if you're just visiting today, how about letting me know what it was that brought you here.

1 comment:

ediFanoB said...

I visited your blog because of the Time's Arrow eBook release.

That leads me to the question if there will be a paperback version of the eBooks?
I do not own an eBook reader. I read eBooks in PDF or EPUB format on my laptop. Therefore I hope Time's Arrow will be published in different formats.
In case I can't read it on my laptop (with Linux operating system) I will not buy it which would be sad because I'm a big fan of PAX BRITANNIA.