Friday, 10 December 2010

Dark Side at The Eloquent Page

I stumbled across this earlier today. It's primarily a review of Dark Side, by one Mr Pablo Cheesecake, but it is more than just that. For it also has some very nice things to say about the Pax Britannia series as a whole and my writing in general.

(I also liked the fact that Mr Cheesecake appreciated the careful naming of the chapters in the book and gave the Ulysses Quicksilver novella Proteus Unbound - an added bonus story that appears after the main feature - a shout out too.)

Here's a choice bit about the novel itself:

This novel kept me hooked from page one. It struck me that the title works on two levels. It doesn’t just refer to the dark side of the moon but the reader also gets to experience the darker side of Ulysses character due to the events that unfold.

And here's what Pablo has to say about Pax Britannia:

Prior to Dark Side, each Quicksilver adventure in the series has essentially been a standalone affair, previous books are mentioned but only in passing... If I have ever had a criticism of the previous novels it has been that I wanted larger more involved story arcs and based on the ending of Dark Side my wish has been granted.

A new Pax Britannia novel is always a cause for excitement here at The Eloquent Page. Dark Side joins the existing novels as a worthy addition. Green has crafted yet another action packed rip-snorter.

And I quite liked this bit too:

The thing I like most about Green’s writing, and it’s in evidence here, is that he pays attention to the little details. This is what makes the world(s) of Pax Britannia feel so well realised.

Now, enough trumpet blowing. I'm off to write about vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein's children. (I tell you, Being Human's got nothing on this!)

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Pablo Cheescake said...

Glad you enjoyed the review. I look forward to reading Anno Frankenstein next year :)