Saturday, 1 August 2009

The expectation is over

I arrived home today to discover a parcel waiting for me, sent by those kind people at Abaddon Books, containing none other than my author copies of Pax Britannia: Evolution Expects.

I never lose the thrill of opening a carton of books for the first time and holding the finished product in my hands, feeling the smoothness of the cover, marvelling at the design work and savouring the smell of fresh print.

And the excitement was only increased today because Evolution Expects, as well as being the last book in the first Ulysses Quicksilver story arc is also the first Pax Britannia book to appear in the larger B format (rather than the usual A format).

You can see what a difference it makes in the pictures below, with Human Nature and Evolution Expects shown side by side. It will certainly give the books a greater presence on the shelf, and make them easier to manhandle when it comes to enjoying them.

And on top of all that the designers have come up with a funky new series logo to go on the spine. And there's a little extra for you the reader too. As well as Evolution Expects the novel, there's Conqueror Worm the novella, which takes the world of Pax Britannia in a rather unexpected direction.

So all that remains for me to say is pick yourself up a copy today and enjoy.

Until next time...


ediFanoB said...

I received my copy of Evolution Expects few days ago. I was a bit suprised by the new format. On one hand I really like the new format. On the other hand there is now a "step" on my shelf.
But I hope the upcoming PAX BRITANNIA books will be all published in the new format. Now I continue to read Human Nature.

N A Berry said...

Dear Mr Green,
I have loved every one of your Pax Britannia series and Evolution expects was no exception. However the new format does spoil the rather lovely run of the series on my bookshelf. This seems such a minor point to complain about given how much pleasure your books have given me but I just thought I'd mention it for future reference. Incidentally I've just bought a copy of George Mann's gorgeous signed special edition of the Affinity Bridge and was wondering whether you might consider doing a special edition Pax Britannia?