Monday, 2 February 2009

Steam Trek: The Moving Picture

If you've not seen this already, you're in for a treat. Classic sci-fi as it might have been done 100 years ago by George Melies.


museum of imaginary histories said...

just found this page and wanted to say how much i'm enjoying your books. I've read a few of them now and have never been disappointed so thank you.
i'm so glad that you are continuing the pax britannia series. i've read the first and the short story in the zorro(ish) book - both of which I thoroughly enjoyed although i do think it was a real shame you killed off the neanderthal fella. I've Leviathan Rising lined up to be read next.

i have a question also - if i may be so bold - are you ever likely to write a third black templar novel? given the time since the last one it seems unlikely. Brother Jarold is a great character and it's such a shame to see him left at the bottom of a river (if memory serves).

Anyway, apologies for rambling and once again my thanks for so many enjoyable reads.


Jonathan Green said...

And thanks for your kind comments. (Apologies for my own tardy reply - something to do with the blog's settings...)

No plans at present for the third BT story but there is a brand new BT short story in Legends of the Space Marines being published in May (I think) 2010.