Saturday, 27 December 2008

Seriously Steampunk... or should that be Cyberpunk?




GOT THAT? GOOD! Then , if you're sitting comfortably...

For a variety of reasons I didn't view the Doctor Who Christmas special The Next Doctor until this evening. All I have to say is, how cool was the CyberKing?

The colossal steam-powered clockwork Cyberman stole the show and the final segment where the CyberKing walks on London was amazing. And how much better was it better than previous years' specials which tried to shoehorn as many Christmas references in as possible (with the exception of the Sycorax Leader being defeated by a tangerine - that was cool)? This story was simply set at Christmas time in Victorian London and featured a much more subtle Christmas reference.

If you've not seen The Next Doctor already for yourself, you may want to look away now. If you have, then here for your delectation again is the Rise of the CyberKing.

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