Thursday, 26 June 2008

Back to Britannia

It's been a while since I last visited the world of Pax Britannia (February, to be precise, when I wrote the short story Vanishing Point) but now I'm back and it's like I've never been away.

I've written three completely different books since writing the last PB novel Leviathan Rising, but I'm now well into the next Ulysses Quicksilver adventure Human Nature, due for publication this December from Abaddon Books.

And what a dark tale it's turning out to be. On top of that, to add to my growing excitement (as well as the darker mood of the story) I received Mark Harrison's fantastically grotesque cover for the book through the ether.

But I'm not going to reveal it to you in all its dark glory just yet. But to whet your appetite I'm going to post this teaser pic instead.

Let the rumour-mongering commence!

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