Tuesday, 15 April 2008

If only...

Feast your eyes on these retro-futuristic delights!

What you see here before your very eyes are two fantastic steampunk computer creations. The first is a steampunk monitor and keyboard, created by the inspired Hieronymus Isambard "Jake" Von Slatt.

The second is a steampunk laptop, the brainchild of Richard R. Nagy, a.k.a. the Datamancer.

I only discovered these Victorian-styled delights today, but now you know exactly how I will be imagining the Babbage engines of Magna Britannia from now on.

What wouldn't I give to be able to write the next Pax Britannia novel on one of these!

Well, guys... Jake... Richard... If you're listening, fire up the old cogitator circuits and drop me an electronic missive post-haste.

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